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Smart Cities

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Rapid urbanization has put a strong, yet positive pressure on the government and the associated eco-systems to innovate in the field of living facilities and come up with smart solutions to tackle everyday problems.
At a time when the increasing crime rates, road accidents, and sub-standard living facilities are haunting the urban populace, the need for the government is to generate public confidence by building better civic facilities that have safe and secure environments. There has to be a system to provide pro-active response to panics and rumours, disasters, or medical emergencies.
Wireless, IoT, and Big Data form the three essential pillars of the smart cities concept that collaborate to provide state-of-the-art smart facilities and innovations in terms of smart buildings, energy, public services, waste management, community services, and mobility. SmartGrid endeavours to work towards safe cities that are characterized by:

The need for Smart Cities

How to get Smarter with SmartGrid?

How to get Smarter with SmartGrid?

Components of a Smart City