Is Corporate Bus Advertising a Strategy that’s Efficient Enough?

Transit advertising has been a much-used means of offline advertising since time immemorial. Companies have used this method of advertising to reach a larger audience in a limited budget. Best suitable for small and medium-sized organizations, transit advertising serves its purpose to a large extent. There are many ways to carry out a transit advertising campaign, but corporate bus advertising is one the most modern techniques and stands out amongst all the traditional methods.

So What Exactly Is Corporate Bus Advertising And How Does It Differ From the Traditional Bus Advertising?

In the simplest of terms, corporate bus advertising refers to the digital promotion on TV screens inside the corporate buses carrying company employees or students. The fact that the information displayed is in digital form is a major advancement when compared to the traditional methods of transit marketing that otherwise employ putting up ads in the print form. Also, the audience it caters to is very narrow with respect to the audience of transit advertising in general. You may consider it to be less advantageous since the ads are shown inside the buses rather than the outside, or in the bus-shelters. But the list of advantages is sure to make you consider corporate bus advertising for your next offline marketing campaign.

Advantages of Corporate Bus Advertising


Targeted Audience

Corporate bus advertising presents your ads to an audience, the demographics of which are known to you beforehand. You already know which company they work for, what kind of job-profiles they are related to, or which courses are they pursuing in their studies. You also have their age-group known. You can thus tweak your creative material and plan to show ads relevant to the available audience in a way that they can relate to and get attracted to your range of products or services.

Control over the ads displayed – more flexibility, instant exposure

You can edit, add, start, pause, or stop your ads anytime to be shown to a corporate audience that is more likely to notice the advertisements than someone simply strolling down the street. Also, the changes happen in real-time and in a jiffy, providing you more control of your campaigns. The buses ply across the major residential and commercial areas of the urban setting, and reach a relevant audience with better effectiveness.

Analytics and Insights – Higher ROI

Analytical data is something you do not get when you carry out in-bus advertising via the print media, but corporate bus advertising is a medium that enables you to keep track of your ads and makes analytics available for you to generate valuable insights. This goes a long way in deciding the next course of action and increasing the return on investment. You can always analyze which ads are performing better, which ads to remove, which ads to assign more budget to, and so on.

Option of advertising in various formats

It so happens at times that a creative graphic or a video is a much effective means of getting forward a message, but this is not possible in case of traditional print ads. In corporate bus advertising, you can advertise via static texts, images, or videos in order to better lure your prospects.

A Cost-effective solution

Last, but not the least, the cost of advertising in corporate buses is very low as compared to many other forms of advertisement. The exposure your brand gets is much targeted and cost per lead is very low. Isn’t it a great igniter for you to try out corporate bus advertising for your next marketing endeavour?

How effective do you think corporate bus advertising is? Did we miss any crucial point in the process?
At SmartGrid, our focus is to provide all the businesses, whether big or small, with cost-effective digital outdoor advertising and corporate bus advertising solutions that add value to their marketing efforts and produce exceptionally satisfying results. We have devised the simplest of plans for corporates to make the best use of corporate bus advertising platform without getting into any contractual obligation, or spending fortunes to the tune of getting bankrupt. An operative marketing campaign should get you profits, rather than demanding huge budget allocation, and this is exactly what we strive to do.

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