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As an advertiser do you still wonder if you can reach targeted audience through outdoor media intelligently, like you can with online media? Can you access viewership insights for outdoor ads? What if you are someone who does not have a huge budget or you run a small business? What if you would want to see an ROI before incrementally committing ad spends?

If any of these situations sound familiar, you would want to know how you can advertise smarter through SmartGrid’s outdoor digital platform. Read on to learn how SmartGrid’s smart ad platform works.

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Intelligent Digital Outdoor advertising

SmartGrid is a first-in-class digital outdoor advertising solution that gives the advertiser complete control with a hassle-free, pay as you go model, access to a niche captive audience with live viewership metrics. Access and choose from an intelligent mix of ad placements including- running your ads on corporate buses or on outdoor digital billboards.

Outdoor advertising solutions

Smart and targeted In-Bus advertising

Display your ads to a niche captive audience with known demographics- earning potential, place of work, place of stay or age groups. You have access to an audience which travels by the corporate buses every day. You have the flexibility to choose specific time slot(s), location, duration and frequency for your ads at an extremely affordable cost.

Stay in control 24X7

SmartGrid allows you to conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune your campaigns with an easy-to-use web-based platform. Optimize your campaigns on the fly 24/7 and drive consumer action with relevant and timely ads.

Monitor and Optimize ad performance

Simple, predictable and effective advertising delivered through India’s largest integrated outdoor advertising network

It’s time to stop shooting arrows in the dark. Advertise Smarter.

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*Prices start at Rs. 5 per slot. Run multiple ads at a single or multiple locations.